Tools To Use

Let us help you turn your health care ideas into reality in 90 days.

Workshops and 90-Day Coaching


Setting aside time to concentrate on innovation is hard. That’s why scores of health care teams work on population health, delivery redesign and other pressing problems at our programs every year. Join us as we help you ensure adoption, learn a scalable process, and become an innovation force.

Workshop and 90-day Coaching: $2,750

On-Site Programs


Want your entire health care organization to get on board? You can hire a Master Coach to deliver an On-Site Workshop and 90-day coaching to indoctrinate your team into the Innovation 90 Framework. Your team will be on the same page, creating an innovation that spreads like wildfire.

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Coach Certification

If you’d like to become an innovation coach, apply to be an Innovation 90 Certified Coach. Our coaches master creative problem solving techniques and gain practical skills to become an innovation leader within a health care organization.

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Innovation 90 Pitch Script


Our pitch script allows you to strip out idea risk, product risk, and execution risk. When completed, you’ll be able to pitch and defend your innovation to the most demanding audience. Don’t let the doubters defeat you.


Hire a Master Coach


Looking for a Master Coach to help you think through a health care innovation challenge, build a prototype, and construct your presentation? Contact one of our coaches to overcome an obstacle or kickstart a project.

$90 – 300 / Hour

5-Min Innovation Strength Finder


Innovation is hard. But it doesn't need to be. Build an unstoppable team to tackle the innovation tasks necessary to ensure adoption.



Innovation Navigation — The Book


Kurt’s breakthrough book will teach you how to turn your idea into reality in 90 days. The principles in this book have helped scores of organizations accelerate innovation adoption. Buy the book and get buy-in, strip out risk, and deliver results. You can also read the first chapter for free!


Innovation 90 Podcast


Join Kurt Baumberger and nine-time Emmy award winning broadcaster and master storyteller, Bob Rathbun, as they deconstruct the tools, tactics, and tricks listeners can use to get backing and traction for their innovation ideas in 90 days.