Kurt Baumberger, IN90 Founder


Kurt Baumberger, founder and master coach of Innovation 90, is passionate about understanding innovation and helping people bring their ideas to life.

He educates people to understand the challenges and resistance today’s innovators face and provide practical steps to get buy-in, traction, and backing in their healthcare organization. Kurt believes by combining workshop events with ongoing coaching, the Innovation 90 methodology can be the catalyst for launching ideas big and small.


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Popular topics include…

How to Defeat the Devil’s Advocate

What Separates Doers from Dreamers?

Agile 101: start small, THINK BIG, move fast!

Unleash Creativity:
What Google, Facebook, Apple Do

Stop Talking. Start Building. Why Prototypes Matter.

Get Creative With Your Budget: How To Do More With Less.

Kurt’s Latest Book: Innovation Navigation

Innovation Navigation offers a new step-by-step process to sell your BIG Idea in 90 days.

You will learn how to use Design Thinking, Agile Development, an Innovation Framework, and Storytelling to Defeat the Devil’s Advocate and build products and services customers actually want. Innovation Navigation features mapping exercises, illustrations, and one-page summary tools used by startups, marketing agencies, consultancies, and companies worldwide, including Google, Apple, Nissan, Hospital Corporation of America, P&G, and The Coca-Cola Company. Discover how to build support for your innovation while inoculating against “organizational antibodies” bent on destroying anything new.

Innovation Navigation is for those ready to stop talking and start building. If you want to create a breakthrough innovation and not just an incremental improvement, you need this guide.

And you need it now.