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Get Buy-In · Strip Out Risk · Deliver Results

Do you struggle with health care innovation?

  • Is getting buy-in of your idea difficult?
  • Did your last innovation effort flop?
  • Is it time to show quantifiable results?
  • Do you face implementation obstacles?
  • Do you need to overcome change resistance?
  • Do you feel lost in the innovation wilderness?

Do you prefer an on-site workshop?

Innovation 90 is Designed for Health Care

in collaboration with the American Hospital Association

Saint Luke’s Hospital improved patient care transitions across the acute to home care continuum to reduce readmissions.

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NCH Healthcare System improved the accuracy of respiratory therapy consults reducing reassessments.

CoxHealth developed an Urgent Care “Save My Spot” mobile application to reduce patient wait times and balance staff workloads.

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St. Barnabas Hospital redesigned ED patient admission flow for early identification and assessment of imminent risks for violence.

Carle Foundation Hospital created a patient engagement program for Millennials focused on holistic wellness.

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If you work in health care, you need Innovation 90.

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Build An Unstoppable Team

5-Minute Innovation Strength Finder


Discover your unique talents and unleash your potential!

Completing the Strength Finder is your way to:

  • Discover your natural patterns of innovation thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Learn how to explain and understand your innovation talents
  • Use your customized results to identify who you need on your innovation team
  • Identify team roles and responsibilities based on natural skills and aptitudes

“This is the best innovation process we’ve ever seen.”

Andy Shin — COO, AHA Center for Health Innovation



Define the problem, craft a solution, build an initial prototype, interview guide and leave with a 90-day Action Plan.



Over the next 90 days under the guidance of a Master Coach, you will collect stakeholder feedback, revise your prototype and create an MVP to learn what’s required to deliver results.



Create a clear and compelling pitch using the Innovation 90 Framework to overcome objections when you present results to decision makers.

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What Makes Innovation 90 So Different?

Innovation 90 is revolutionary because it uses a 7-Part Framework to focus on human-centered problems, build iterative prototypes, create a compelling story, overcome objections, and reach a “Go/No Go” decision in 90 days.

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We know how hard it is to innovate and have helped scores of health care organizations turn ideas into reality. And when you use human-centric design, people buy-in, objectors are converted into advocates, and your solutions spread like wildfire.

The Innovation 90 Workshop is facilitated by Kurt Baumberger, creator of the Innovation 90 Framework. Kurt has been an innovator for decades and has seen how ideas grow and thrive even in the most complex organizations. His book Innovation Navigation has become a “must-read” for executives and managers looking for a simple, proven process to create innovations that excite and engage. That’s why the American Hospital Association selected us to serve their 5,000 hospital members.

In the Innovation 90 program, you will:

  1. Learn a proven innovation process to build solutions people want and need.
  2. Strip out risk and create built-in demand by turning your idea into a tangible prototype before you leave the workshop.
  3. Work side-by-side with an innovation Master Coach over the next 90 days building solutions people are eager to adopt.

People adopt solutions that relieve PAIN. If your idea doesn’t make lives easier, simpler, cheaper or healthier, people will reject it. That’s why human-centric design wins every time. Register for the Innovation 90 Workshop today and spend two days focused on your idea. Why? Because you’ll get more done in 48 hours than you will in 4 – 8 months. And over the next 90 days you’ll get coaching to ensure success.

Innovation 90 Health Care Workshops

“We’ve used LEAN, CQI, adaptive design and other process improvement tools, but Innovation 90 is different. We worked on an actual problem, built a prototype, and prepared for feedback during the Workshop. Then we got buy-in over the next 90 days as we systematically improved our prototypes. There’s no other scalable process like it.”

Pam Delagardelle, President/CEO UnityPoint Health, Waterloo, IA

What’s My Investment?

  • How much are failed innovation projects costing you?
  • How many potential ideas get killed before they have a chance?
  • How many of your projects don’t meet goals?
  • How many people give up?

A lack of human-centric design may already be costing you a great deal.

If you’re wondering who in your organization should come to the workshop and receive the 90-day coaching, it’s best to bring a cross-functional team of people. This will ensure alignment on the problem, collaboration on the solution, and agreement on the 90-day Action Plan.

If you’re not sure what role each person should play, take our 5-Minute Innovation Strength Finder. You’ll get a personalized report explaining your strengths, your ideal innovation partner, and who else you’ll need to build an unstoppable team.


Payment Plan

$999 per person

in 3 monthly payments

Best Value!

$2,750 per person

One-time payment


All Workshop and 90-Day Coaching registrations include the following:

(10) Interview Techniques and Templates

(10) Prototype Techniques and Materials

(10) Financial and Marketing Techniques

Registration fee does not include travel or hotel accommodations

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Kurt Baumberger, CEO and Master Coach of Innovation 90, is passionate about understanding innovation and helping people bring their ideas to life.

He educates people to understand the challenges and resistance today’s innovators face and provide practical steps to get buy-in, traction, and backing in their organization. Kurt believes combining workshop events with ongoing coaching can be the catalyst for launching ideas big and small.

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